Ammar Akhtar

CEO & Founder


Information Technology expert (nobody is an expert) explorer with deep love for internet and ecommerce and gamification. Helped EmiratesNBD Bank to launch their gamification portal and have worked with many startups and entrepreneurs around the world helping them realize their dream. I help people understand their business model better.

I love helping startups do better and don’t just remain a startup. True believer and practitioner of the “Lean startup model”.

Also love the Car Rental Industry. I am the architect and creator of Thrifty, Dollar and Budget end to end eCommerce booking systems in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Founder of UAE’s number 1 car rental website
I love cars and they love me back.

But it doesnt just start and end with Cars alone. Helping companies (Government Orgs and Banks) to transform their business process into a viable digital work flow and make sure they make the most out of IT and the innovation that comes with it.

Design is my first love and tech and data is my second that is the reason whatever we produce is design rich with no tech glitch.

Whether it is a simple web design or a large scale ERP I have done it all.

Launching new ecommerce platforms under the umbrella of 1CallGroup.