Anum Kamran



Anum Kamran is a serial tech-entrepreneur – mostly known as the Founder and CEO for, an online shopping marketplace which is enabling Micro, Small and Medium sized businesses in Pakistan to make their living sustainable through eCommerce. She was part of the first group of e-entrepreneurs selected for Alibaba eFounder Fellowship in 2018 and realizing her passion towards ecommerce and community development she was recently appointed as an Alibaba Asia Ambassador. She is the founder of highly curated support group of ecommerce in Pakistan – Pakistan eCommerce Consortium which is working to strengthen the ecommerce community.

She is one of those women entrepreneurs who undid all the negative social conditioning and kept climbing the ladder which eventually opened the door of success for her. She proved to be a woman with entrepreneurial aspirations who made herself heard.

Anum Kamran is an enthusiast entrepreneur; she has dedicated herself to empower society with the use of technology and provided the society with projects like Apex Solutions (web solution provider), World Auto Source (B2B), (Homegrown online shopping marketplace in Pakistan) and (Pakistan’s First Women Only Freelancing Portal – in progress). Her volunteer work for the technological environment is worth mentioning with ventures as IEEE and WIE. While being a high achiever and maverick herself, Anum Kamran is one of those rare people who combines exceptional professionalism with warmth and humility and with that she wants other women to get motivated. She is also volunteering as a Regional Ambassador for an international Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization.

She is helping and consulting other entrepreneurs and startups to embrace with the possibilities of working. For that she is conducting sessions about women empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. She has recently launched a moment called Activate to support women in Pakistan.

She has also been a prominent speakers at various local and international events which includes ITCN Asia, Octara expothon, Think With Google and many more.

In her personal life, she is a wife and a mother of two growing kids. She loves to cook, helping and leading people and read books.